US: Minnesota congresswoman married own brother (while married) to fool immigration officials……?

Bizarre, but that’s what Minnesota opted for…….

That’s because of how disgusting the truth behind Omar is. America’s first Muslim Congresswoman practices bigamy. She is living with one man while being married to another! The worst part? The man she is legally married to is her own brother!

Muslim Congresswoman Caught In SICK Crime

With Obama gone (good riddance!), Democrats are so desperate for leadership, they fawn and drool over any mildly charismatic non-white Democrat who comes their way. One of their latest darlings is Somali Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, of Minnesota.


Omar has some serious skeletons in her closet that are haunting her and the Democrat Party. It turns out that she married her own brother in a scheme to fool US immigration officials AND supported refugee fraud in her state!


Omar is exactly what the modern Democrat Party loves. Ethnically “diverse” (non-white), female, Muslim, and politically devoted to Socialism. She also takes constant jabs at President Trump just because it’s the “cool” thing to do.


Recently, Omar appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah in the dying program’s latest effort to remain relevant. Noah spent the entire segment putting Omar on a pedestal. For a Muslim, the Minnesota Congresswoman certainly has no sense of humility.


She said of herself: “I am America’s hope, and Trump’s nightmare.” Hilarious. She actually has the nerve to call herself “America’s hope?” There’s no doubt she’s angling for a Presidential run in 2020. Some people are so obvious!



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  1. Are there not laws to guard against incestual marriages? What about signing contracts and purposefully committing fraud therein? How about breaking laws when you are an elected public official? Oh, I forgot. If you are a muslim, you either serve islam or you die. The quran is above the sub-human kafir’s man made laws. Besides, they are here to subjugate and dominate while laughing at the useless concept of assimilation. Congrats America for drinking in this different concoction of Jim Jones’ kool-aid. Like the taste?

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