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Open borders Merkel threatens to suspend EU payments to Turkey over activists detention…….

Too bad she’s horrific on every other issue…..

Oh, and she makes this statement all the while her government and state apparatus cracks down on politicals dissidents at home, those who defend the classical liberalism that berthed modern Europe and the West.

Turkey crisis: Merkel finally breaks silence as Germany threatens to suspend EU payments

ANGELA Merkel has finally broken her silence on the crisis in Turkey as Germany threatens to scrap EU aid payments as tensions escalate.


The German Chancellor said Turkey’s actions were cause for “grave concern”, after a number of activists were detained.

Earlier this week Turkey arrested rights activists including Amnesty International’s Turkey head Idil Eser and German citizen Peter Steudtner on terrorism charges.

Under pressure from rival Martin Schulz to condemn the arrest of six human rights activists including a German citizen, Angela Merkel eventually spoke out.


She warned Turkish President Erdogan: “We are completely convinced that this arrest is unjustified.”


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