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Sweden: Whistle blowing police chief Springarer says cops have had enough, lost control in NO-GO ZONES…….

This man is brave, taking on the ruling elite in a top down structured society where bucking official (indoctrinated) taboos and norms will earn societal scorn and demonization, is no easy decision. He must think he’s right and moral for doing so.

Peter Springarer investigating serious violence crime in Orebro police.The Police Organization cracks, loyalty to the leadership is wearing thin, writes Peter Springarer. Swedish police have lost control and violence monopoly in no-go areas and developments are going the wrong way. 

That number  särskilt prone areas (so-called no-go-areas) have increased to 23 testify that the community and the police are losing control and monopoly on violence in these areas, according Springarer, which investigates serious crime in Örebropolitiet.


He says leaders of the police organization, including Police Director Dan Eliasson, are paralyzed. It is time to take off the gloves, states Springarer in News Today.


He points out that rikspolischef Dan Eliasson in theatrical manner asked for help at a press conference on June 21. At the same time presented Eliasson a report that identified 23 “särskilt prone” (no-go zones) areas, and a total of 61 risk areas throughout Sweden.


Pitiful and theatrical

“Help us, help us,” he whimpered pitifully and theatrically. He appealed to the wider community for help to come to terms with the crime. But this will not do, dear Herr national police commissioner. It happened and going on seven days a week in these lost neighborhoods around Sweden which is beyond prevention and dialog control. It has simply been allowed to go on for too long. What happens in these areas in the form of violence, shootings, extortion, threats and other forms of serious crime are very much a police matter. It is entirely up to us to step in and poke around in this mess.
We are police officers who have to ensure that  the crimes are revealed, and investigated and the criminal perpetrators arrested and thereby ensure that they become incapacitated in prison where they belong. In short, we are in the police to forcibly regain the monopoly of violence in these areas. It is our ultimate social mission. We have to do ourselves, through purposeful, intelligent and professional decisions and considerations.

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