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Hot mic Bibi Netanyahu in Hungary: “Europe must choose whether it wants to thrive or shrivel and disappear…….”

He’s spot on…….

European leaders have been indoctrinated by successive generations to the point that they are no longer confident in defending European values and mores. The ones more prone to defending these values are those states who suffered under Soviet Communist imperialism and believe in liberty (natural law and God’s nature). They are the real defenders of the Enlightenment which led to classical liberalism (individual liberty and sovereignty)

Netanyahu blasts European Union during meeting in Hungary


Posted by     Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at 11:30am

“I think Europe has to decide if it wants to live and thrive or if it wants to shrivel and disappear.”


As I noted in Morning Insurrection last week, I will be spending 18 days touring Central Europe and the Balkans. During our stop in Budapest, Hungary, motorcades are rolling down our street continuously and Israeli flags are flying high.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in town, and he is now making news with a rather stark assessment about his country’s relationship with the European Union.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched a blistering attack against the European Union during a closed-session meeting Wednesday morning in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, telling the premiers of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia that the EU’s behavior toward Israel is crazy.
Although the meeting had been behind closed doors, Netanyahu’s remarks were accidentally transmitted to the headphones distributed among reporters, though his people discovered the transmission and shut it down within a few minutes.
“The European Union is the only association of countries in the world that conditions the relations with Israel, that produces technology and every area, on political conditions. The only ones! Nobody does it,” Netanyahu said.
“It’s crazy. It’s actually crazy,” he continued, referring to the EU’s insistence to condition the EU-Association Agreement on certain terms related to the peace process. “It’s not about my interest. I’m talking about Europe’s interest.


More here.

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