Anti-Islamization Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS

Camp of Finland First group demolished by police, four members arrested, including organizer…….

I have yet to hear however, exactly, what members of that group supposedly did to warrant their removal from the Helsinki Central Train Station Square.

All that’s being said is that people complained about being accosted by these activists, but nothing concrete was ever disclosed as to what exactly took place.  If they goaded the hard Left into violence, who would have been tossed into the clink?

Police were able to clear Finland First Camp – four were apprehended

Demolition went well, although four activists were arrested. The demolition decision was taken due to the demonstrators abusing bystanders.


Finland First -demonstration was nearly demolished before eight in the evening. The camp began to be dismantled a little before six o’clock, when the tarps were being taken down.


– The demolition is now going into the final stretch. Any last fencing is being gradually picked up. The police and the city were working in concert. It was interrupted from them [campers], says the Helsinki Police Chief Inspector Jari Taponen.


Earlier it was reported that one rioter would be handcuffed. According to Taponen there more people cuffed.


– Three were arrested. Giving them a fine of at least for disorderly conduct.


Later, the police confirmed that four were detained.


In other respects, according to Taponen the demolition has proceeded well.


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