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Finland: Former Finns Party MP’s who left for Blue Reform group, slowly returning to home group…….

In other words, the sojourn to political oblivion with a bunch of traitors was not so sharp of political career move…

She joins two other former defecting MP’s , one being Ritva (Kike) Elomaa.

I’m reminded of a simple Finnish children’s song about a row of crows flying off the gate one by one…very apt


MP Arja Juvonen return to the Finns Party parliamentary group

The Finns Party announced this on Tuesday.
MP Arja Juvonen returns as a member of the Finns Party parliamentary group. She is an MP in Uusimaa. She has been a party member for 10 years.

– During the past two weeks I have had the clarity that I want to continue as a member of the Finns Party parliamentary group. The decision is influenced by discussions with members, rank and file, the voters and the base of the Finnish parliamentary group members, Juvonen says.


– The Finns party is the same for me, and I do not see any contradiction with its own political party and agenda. The unstable situation in health care at this time to further emphasize the fact that the front of the matters common to us all to work even more closely. This is also the work I want myself to come back to.



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