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Italy: Government expels Tunisian linked to Berlin islamonazi who drove truck into Christmas shoppers…….

Eh…..the article contains an obvious errors…

Those 12 people weren’t “killed”, they were brutally murdered in a jihadi terrorist attack by an Islamonazi.

Italy expels Tunisian linked to Berlin market attacker

Italy has expelled a Tunisian suspected of ties to Berlin Christmas market attacker Anis Amri, the interior ministry said Saturday.
Italy expels Tunisian linked to Berlin market attacker

The 36-year old had been living in Catania in Sicily, where Amri spent time in prison before moving to Germany and killing 12 people by driving a truck through the market last year.


Amri was shot dead by Italian police in Milan on December 23, four days after the attack claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group.


The Tunisian had given him a telephone and stayed in contact with him after his departure for Germany, the ministry said.


Units from Italy’s serious crime division in Rome and Catania tapped the phone and discovered contacts between the Tunisian and other suspected extremists.


Among those on the call log were suspects Amri had become close to during his time in the Caltanissetta detention centre.


Italian media named the Tunisian as Sayed Yacoubi, and said he had been scraping by in Sicily as a farm hand.


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