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Sweden ‘feminist’ government admits it didn’t vote against Saudis for UN’s Women’s Rights commission…….

Pathetic dhimmi Leftist frauds…..

Also, Belgians in leaked emails show that they notified the Saudis that they voted for them.

Sweden’s “First feminist government” admits it did not vote against Saudi Arabia entering UN’s Women’s Rights Commission

Of the UN’s 54-nation Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), 47 voted ‘yes’ by a secret ballot last week to elect Saudi Arabia to the UN Women’s Commission. 7 countries abstained from voting, which means none of the countries voted no to appointing a country which has, according to UN watch “the world’s most misogynistic regime.” Amongst the abstainers; Sweden, which prides itself on having the world’s first “feminist government“. Press secretary Erik Wirkensjö of Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallströms defended the action by stating that:

there isn’t a no-option. You may either vote or abstain (…).  With this election it wouldn’t have mattered if Sweden voted in favour or abstained.

So much for remorse. Belgium’s Prime-Minister Charles Michel, for instance, at least regretted the Belgian’s voted yes: “If we could do this again would the government would have argued that there is no support, there is no doubt about it. I regret the election.”


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