Belgium Dhimmitude Saudi Arabia

Leaked emails shows Belgium let Saudis know they voted regime onto UN Women’s Rights Commission…….

The helpful little dhimmis that they are…..

Belgium made sure Saudi Arabia knew it voted regime onto UN Women’s Rights Commission, according to leaked emails

Foreign Ministry ‘gave the green light to a shameless vote, scorning women’s rights, with the aim of getting in the good books of a notoriously no-go country,’ says opposition politician


Belgium’s foreign ministry wanted Saudi Arabia to know it had voted to elect the kingdom to the UN Commission of Women’s Rights, leaked internal emails have reportedly revealed.


The disclosure risks fuelling a further backlash against the European country, which has been accused of putting concerns about equality to one side in order to ingratiate itself with the oil-rich kingdom.


The election of a nation which bans women from driving and working without a male’s permission to a body whose role it is to promote women’s rights caused an outcry.


It emerged Belgium was one of a handful of EU member states to vote for the conservative nation in a secret ballot.


More here.  H/T: TROP

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