#GardenofSweden : Cops pelted with stones in No-Go Zone while arresting Stockholm terror suspects…….

If police and first respondents can’t go into an area without backup, then it’s a No-Go Zone.

Swedish anti-terror police – including a Muslim officer praised by colleagues – are pelted with STONES while arresting Stockholm attack suspects near a migrant district that Trump called a ‘no-go zone’

EXCLUSIVE: The attack happened last night near Rinkeby, part of the ‘immigrant no-go zone’ that gained notoriety when President Trump (bottom) referred to it in a controversial speech in February.


It is thought that the officers were taking part in an operation to arrest a 17-year-old and his mother at an address linked to the 39-year-old prime suspect. ‘Some people will never learn,’ Abdallah Ahmed,(left) a police officer, said in a social media post.


A policewoman (right) commented: ‘You are fantastic. I wish I was working with you yesterday. I am so proud to be a police officer.’


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