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Foolhardy: In Finland, non-citizen immigrants can vote in local elections……

Insane to allow non-citizens the right to vote in local elections.

Most of those unable to speak Finnish properly can’t follow the ins and outs of the local issues. Political parties are just casting their nets out to see how many they can snag in their nets. Group identity politics is stupid.

Immigrants denied advance voting right in Porvoo

In several different incidents, immigrants were not able to place their advance vote for the municipal elections at voting stations in Porvoo. Yle discovered that in one case, an alien’s passport and a Finnish Kela social insurance card were not accepted as official identification by electoral officers. In another case, a French passport and driver’s license along with a Finnish Kela card were deemed insufficient proof of identity.


In Sunday’s municipal elections the right to vote is valid for all residents of Finland who have EU or Nordic citizenship or any other citizenship for that matter, so long as they have lived in Finland for more than two years.


In separate attempts to place advance votes in Porvoo, about 50 kilometres from Helsinki, Yle has learned that three immigrants were turned away from voting stations as their identification was deemed insufficient.


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