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Meanwhile in India: Government officials look at ISIS Kanpur terrorists as suspects in 2016 train derailment …….

Where there’s Islam, there’s terrorists not too far behind.

Recent train incidents are cases of ‘sabotage’ by terrorists, government says

Neeraj Chauhan| TNN | Updated: Apr 7, 2017,

NEW DELHI: The government admitted in Parliament on Friday that the three incidents of derailment/blast at Kanpur, Kuneru and Ujjain since November last year are cases of suspected “sabotage” by terrorists+ , which are being probed by the National Investigation Agency.

Around 148 persons were killed in the November 20, 2016 derailment of Indore-Patna Express+ in Kanpur. The NIA has not been able to find the culprits behind the derailment and is waiting for IIT’s report in the incident but officials suspect that the incident was a conspiracy hatched with planning. The agency is trying to ascertain whether the ISIS Kanpur module led by Atif Muzaffar, which was involved in Ujjain train blast, is behind the Kanpur train derailment as well as the module members had done some ‘sabotaging’ practice+ on tracks in Kanpur. Subsequently, the NIA is trying to find the link between suspects involved in train derailment attempt in Ghorasahan (Bihar), who were hired by Pakistan’s spy agency – ISI – in Nepal and Bihar.

The railway ministry’s admission in Rajya Sabha on Friday, while replying in writing to a query raised by Congress leader Kapil Sibal, comes weeks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his rally in Kanpur in February, stated that the incident was a conspiracy and the conspirators carried it our sitting across the border. The railway ministry was quiet so far about the suspected “sabotage”.

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