Finland: Intelligence community warns of young politicians targeted by foreign powers…….

In this neck of the woods, yes, being turned by the Russkies is always a clear and present danger.

The late former Prime Minister of Finland Kalevi Sorsa (SDP) is a prime example (commie glasses and all).

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Finnish intelligence warns foreign powers targeting young politicians

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service Supo says foreign powers are intensifying efforts to recruit young Finnish politicians and business people before they reach positions of power. In its 2016 report the agency says that the terror threat has also increased as the flow of jihadi fighters to and from conflict zones stepped up.


Finland’s Security Intelligence Service, better known as Supo, says in its annual report that Finnish politicians and decision-makers are under pressure from foreign intelligence agencies at ever-younger ages.


Supo only mentions Russia once in the report, at the start, where it says that “especially Russia sees Finland as an interesting intelligence target but also other major powers find our country important”.


The agency says young people in Finland in particular are the target of foreign intelligence recruiters, especially those that are expected to rise to prominent positions in commerce and politics.


“This is an example of state-run intelligence activity having long-term horizons,” according to the Supo report. Supo noted that it had “been forced to interfere” in the activities of certain intelligence agencies.


In a step-by-step guide to recruiting agents, Supo explains that intelligence officers first carry out a thorough analysis of their needs, after which they select a target with access to information. Next, that person is assessed according to their strengths and weaknesses to determine the likelihood that he or she could be persuaded to work for the benefit of a foreign state. When this stage is completed, they establish contact and build up a friendship, leading to the last phase: recruitment.


Pelttari would not comment on how many cases of this kind there have been in recent years.


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