Denmark Muslim Criminality

Denmark will drops plan for lowering criminal minimum age…….

Up until the time of Islamic communities began taking up shop in Denmark, youths and their gangs were a manageable situation.

Read Nicolai Sennels’ “Why are Muslims more violent and criminal?“.

There’s a reason for conservative parties wanting to lower the age, it’s that there are so many of young teenagers (so called ‘youths’) of migrant origin involved in criminal activity.

Danish government to drop plans to reduce criminal minimum age

The Danish government is set to drop plans to try children as young as 12 years of age in a special youth court for minors.

The reduction in the minimum criminal age, along with the creation of a youth court, was proposed by conservative parties prior to the last election.

But the new coalition government, formed in November 2016, has drastically changed its position on tackling youth crime.

The less-comprehensive reform set to be presented by the government some time during the next few weeks will have minors under the age of 18 instead tried by youth crime boards in individual police districts, reports news weekly Mandag Morgen.

Under the alternative proposal described in the report, the judge-led youth crime boards (ungenævne) will work with social authorities to designate an appropriate response – a form of community service, for example – each time a minor between 12-17 years old breaks the law.

This means that lawbreakers in this age group will not be faced with a criminal conviction or permanent criminal record.


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