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Finland: Close to 20 million euros in Russian ‘dirty money’ passed through Finnish banks……

Russian influence felt in every quarter of the world…

“This is naturally very interesting, because it shows that the operation has been really quite professional and systematic, involving a large-scale network”, says the NBI’s money-laundering investigation director Pekka Vasara.

Russian “dirty money” transferred through Finnish banks

A global money-laundering scheme saw at least 18 billion euros smuggled out of Russia into offshore funds via banks in Europe. Investigation shows that in Finland, close to 20 million euros passed through Nordea and other banks, and some of the money was used to purchase things like furs, computers, power tools and building materials.


Money connected to the scheme passed through Nordea banks primarily. Goods and services from nearly 30 Finnish companies or firms doing business in Finland were also linked to the laundering operation. The Finnish companies implicated say they have no idea the money had a criminal origin.

Large-scale professional organisation

In their expose based on the same documents, Britain’s Guardian newspaper reports that Britain’s high street banks processed nearly 685 million euros in the operation’s funds. British detectives believe the true total figure could be closer to 75 billion euros.


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