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France: Officials now ‘try to discover motives’ behind Orly airport jihadi who wanted to kill and die for Allah…….

In Islam, murdering supposed ‘infidels’ and dying in the process is key in atoning for ones sins.

He resorted to the one thing that came to his mind first, allah…and murdering others, even while having been on a drinking binge. Belgacem’s actions and motives are not a mystery for those of us who follow these issues on a daily basis.

Planned attack or impulse? French investigators probe airport attacker’s motives

French investigators were on Sunday trying to establish whether the man shot dead after holding up a soldier at Orly airport in Paris had planned the attack or acted on impulse.

Saturday’s assault by 39-year-old Ziyed Ben Belgacem caused a major security scare, leading to the temporary closure of the capital’s second-busiest airport and the cancellation of dozens of flights.

By Sunday morning the situation had nearly returned to normal. Ben Belgacem, who was born in France to Tunisian parents, said he wanted to “die for Allah” and that others too would die after grabbing a female soldier, putting a gun to her head and seizing her rifle.

The attack comes with France still on high alert following a series of jihadist attacks that have claimed more than 230 lives in two years.

Security is one of the key issues in France’s two-round presidential election on April 23rd and May 7th.

Ben Belgacem’s father insisted the assailant – who had spent time in prison for drugs and armed robbery and been investigated for links to radical Islam – was “not a terrorist” and was acting under the influence of drink and drugs.

The father was released from custody late Saturday after being questioned. Investigators were continuing to quiz Ben Belgacem’s brother and cousin for clues as to whether the gunman had planned a terror attack or whether the airport attack was the unhinged epilogue to a shooting spree.


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  1. According to his old Dad, Ben Belcagem “wasn’t a terrorist”. Well, that’s all right then, isn’t it ? Obviously, as a reasonable man, I have no objection to an ordinary, everyday, drunken, drug-taking, Koran-spouting Islamist wanting to murder me, just so long as I know he isn’t a “terrorist”. Phew – almost had me worried there…..

    1. It’s amazing that the politicians, media, academia and the police think the rest of us are that stupid

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