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Media challenged story: ‘Swede’ arrested on traffic stop, held for international terror links, released……

What’s more important than the story itself, is how much information is lacking in the story.


If I were to field a report that I had first hand knowledge about, like this article, I wouldn’t have too many readers left. All we know about the story is that a ‘Swede’ in Sweden was arrested, then released, they don’t even report the name of the country seeking his extradition, let alone for what.

Police arrest, then release, Swede wanted internationally for terror links

Police arrest, then release, Swede wanted internationally for terror links
File photo of the E18, the road where police stopped the man: TT
A Swedish citizen in his 50’s, who is reportedly wanted internationally for terror links, was detained on Saturday afternoon.

He was later released by prosecutors following the arrest – which took place as part of a routine traffic control – but it is unclear if any suspicions remain.


The prosecutor believed there was no reason to keep the man in custody, Annika Collin from the prosecutor’s press office told the Expressen newspaper.


She added that the country which had issued the arrest warrant would decide whether the criminal suspicions still stand.


“The country knows that the person is in Sweden, and if they want to see any additional measures, the Swedish police will do this,” said Collin. “We have no knowledge of whether they still suspect him of a crime.”


Police stopped the car on the E18 road outside Enköping shortly after 3pm. The car reportedly had false number plates, and when police checked the man’s identity documents, they saw that he was on Interpol’s wanted list.


More here if you must.

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