#GardenofSweden : Truth telling cop Peter Springare now victimized for accessing police records……


No matter what, now good deed or truthful fact telling in Sweden will go unpunished……

Especially if it runs afoul with the official ruling consensus. This is the cop who broke the story that cuts against the official ruling Swedish (self anointed) elite’s narrative about immigrant crime.


Police Authority notifies Peter Knight for hacking

The scene around Peter Springare continues. After the preliminary investigation on incitement to racial hatred was closed down a few weeks ago, the Swedish Television News Orebro now tell us that the praised and criticized police officer from Örebro is suspected of another crime.


In addition to publishing several controversial posts on Facebook, Peter Springare also published an article in Nerike. In the article Springare presents various data for the police authority to react.


– We have notified him because it is suspected that he has done hacking (Editor’s note: of the police authority’s computers) that he was not qualified to do, says chief prosecutor Lina Lithner.


“Hacking or misconduct”


The notification states that the police have reason to believe he may have been guilty of hacking or misconduct, says the chief prosecutor.


– Now I will consider whether an investigation should be started or not, says Lina Lithner.




Springare: “What hacking ???”


SVT News’ve asked Peter Springare for an interview. In a text message to SVT reporter he writes “What hacking ???” in response to the question about how he sees the notification.


More here in Swedish

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