Tim Pool in Sweden: “Police told me to leave Rinkeby……”


The Swedish police press officer is downplaying it.

Police ‘told me to leave’ Rinkeby: US journalist Tim Pool

UPDATED: American journalist Tim Pool received a police escort out of the Rinkeby suburb of Stockholm on Wednesday after he and his colleague were followed by masked men, he told The Local.

“Several men started masking up and following us. Police told us to leave and had to escort us to our car,” he wrote in a Twitter post on Wednesday.


“I started talking to the police. They told me some interesting things about the good they think they can do there, and then one of the other cops basically said ‘I have a tip for you, look at what the men around you are doing’,” Pool told The Local.


“We had noticed a bunch of people putting up their hoods, whispering to each other, so the cop was like ‘maybe it would be smart if you were to leave now, that’s my tip for you’. They got in their car to escort us out and we just had to walk alongside their vehicle, and they followed us to our car. As we were walking there were people following us, yelling things,” he added.


A Stockholm police press spokesperson told The Local that they were aware of the tweets but were unable to find any specific reports filed about it on their system, though they would continue to look into it.


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