#GardenofSweden seething: Truth telling cop doubles down on immigrant crime over representation in statistics…….

Satire Sweden still living up to its name…..

A Hurricane of Outrage Against a Swede Who Tells the Truth on Migrant Crime


“It has surprised me how many commentators and high-ranking politicians have simply taken the right to deprive me of my own experiences and truths, dismissing them by saying “I’m wrong” and that I just live on stereotypes,” he continues.

“I just want to say, that when it comes to what I think or say, it is my unvarnished truth. Likewise, what I see and experience in my daily life surrounded by misery and violent death, and what the consequences for society are at large, so too is it my honest truth. I want to discuss events that are destructive and try to change the situation” he emphasizes.

Springare has not given up, but continues his recent post by giving more examples of immigrant over representation in crime statistics:

Murder / attempted murder January 1, 2015 – December 30, 2016:
12 investigated cases. 24 suspected perpetrators
In 10 of the cases the perpetrator was of foreign origin.
In two of the cases the perpetrator was of Swedish descent.
Of the total of 24 involved offenders, 22 were of foreign origin and 2 of Swedish descent.

Peter Springare concludes that immigrants are “overrepresented here with respect to very serious violent crimes”, and points out that Örebro has a “very, very big problem.”

Read it all here @ Gates of Vienna

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