EU illegal aliens MUSLIM SETTLERS

Suspension of Schengen treaty extended for three more months……


Because we all know that it won’t work within the disastrous EU political construct, where ideology reigns supreme over standard common sense…..

SCHENGEN CRACKDOWN: Controls extended across EU over terror threat and migration crisis

TEMPORARY border controls introduced in the wake of the 2015 Paris terror attacks are being extended for another three months.

European Council ministers agreed to carry on the measures which were first implemented in May last year and effectively brought an end to the European Union’s so-called Schengen Zone which allows free movement across many EU states.
The crackdown was put in place to ease public fears about a growing terror threat and also to stem the flow of migrants through Europe which had reached crisis levels with hundreds of thousands or people trying to get to the UK, France and Germany.
The tightened security will remain in place for at least another three months at Austria’s borders with Hungary, Slovenia and Germany; Danish ports with ferry connections to Germany and at the Danish-German land border; Swedish harbours in the south and west and at the Öresund bridge crossing; Norwegian ports with ferry connections to Denmark, Germany and Sweden.
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