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Germany: Police hunting Islamonazi thugs who threatened to murder nursery kids in name of allah……..


All brought to you by our politicians and standard Let-wing nutjobs…..

Police hunt thugs who threatened to KILL nursery kids ‘in the name of Allah’

POLICE are hunting for the culprits that daubed a nursery in graffito threatening to kill the children “in the name of Allah”.

A vandal daubed a threatening message on the outside of a nursery school at night in the Bavarian city of Ingolstade, in two foot high letters.

The police were called by staff when they arrived for work at the centre on Luitpold Street.

Chief executive Sabine Pfeffer said: “If was important of us to calm parents and employees who partly were already worried.”

The nursery also held a meeting with the governing association of the centre to discuss what measures would be taken.

The centre then issued a letter and email to parents about the incident in an attempt to calm fears.

Once the police had finished their initial investigation the offending graffito was removed.

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