Islam in Germany MUSLIM SETTLERS

Muslim settlers travelling on train roofs trying to reach Germany……


All the more reason to help them in the region of conflict.

Inundating ourselves with them is not the answer, as well as alleviating the dangers many face from a whole network of predators.

Migrants risking death by travelling on roofs of TRAINS in icy conditions to reach Germany

MIGRANTS are freezing to death in sub-zero temperatures as they battle to cross Europe’s borders by stowing away on trains and dodging lethal electricity lines.

The crossing from Austria to Bavaria, in Germany, has frozen over, leading to at least two migrant deaths in recent weeks.

A recent case involved a 17-year-old from Pakistan who was discovered clinging to the roof of a freight train from Italy to Bavaria by a fellow train driver.

He survived his ordeal, and was taken to a youth centre to be processed.

Police said the teenager was “incredibly lucky” to have survived the journey which was wrought with deadly obstacles.

The Rosenheim federal police inspectorate said: “Even the mere proximity to the overhead line, which has a voltage of 15,000 volts, carries a deadly risk.”

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