Islam in Belgium Islam in France ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terrorism

Islamic (nazi) State jihadis plotted terror attacks/abduction plot for politicians in Brussels and Paris…….


Yet another brutal scenario averted due to proper law enforcement…

And these same jackass politicians still have their heads stuck in the sand over Islamization as a catalyst for Islamonazi terror attacks.

ISIS ABDUCTION PLOT: Paris and Brussels terrorists ‘planned to kidnap top politicians’

THE masterminds behind the deadly Paris and Brussels attacks were planning on kidnapping politicians and holding them to ransom, it is claimed.


Raids across the Belgium capital have revealed the full extent of the fundamentalists depraved plans, after information was discovered on a laptop.

The fresh intel suggests the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists had sketched out ideas to abduct Belgium politicians and hold them hostage in return for releasing jailed jihadis.

No politicians names were given.

Audio files which were uncovered also revealed the attackers had been in touch with Mehdi Nemmouche, the suspect behind a shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

Some four people died after 29-year-old Nemmouche opened fire in May 2014.

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