Denmark MUSLIM SETTLERS Western Civilization

Denmark government orders migrants to integrate, teach children Daniush or lose benefits……..



That should only be one measure among many to help turn the tide….

Denmark orders migrants to integrate & teach their children Danish or face LOSING benefits

DENMARK has ordered immigrant families let their children learn Danish or lose their child benefits.


In an attempt to crack down on emerging parallel cultures fuelled by the lack of integration into society, the government now wants to implement strict new policies forcing young children to learn the language.

And if the youngsters are not taught Danish, the parents will lose their child benefits issued from the state.

In a proposal which was presented to parliament last week, it was set out that there should be a minimum language requirement for children already at the age of two.

Currently, three-year-olds from immigrant backgrounds, who do not attend preschool, are required to take a language test.

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