Islam in prison Islam in the UK

UK: Prisons are jihadi training grounds as imams spread their Post-Hijra Islam 101…….


There has to be a way to separate them from the regular prison population….

JIHADI TRAINING GROUNDS: Prison guards warn imams are spreading extremism behind bars

TERRORISTS are using prison imams to recruit new members, Italian guards have warned.


They said the imams were free to enter and travel within the prisons at will, spreading messages and propaganda and leading to the creation of jihadi cells behind bars.

They also said the 70 mosques within the country’s jails were leading to a spike in jihadi recruitment.

Donato Capece, the general secretary for Italy’s biggest prison guard union, said prisons needed help to stop the growth of extremism.

He said: “There are twenty imams coming in and out [of the country’s jails] just like parish priests do. And that is in addition to 150 self-proclaimed imams, who are in jail serving a sentence.

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