Netherlands Open borders

Dutch Deputy PM warns: “free movement (open borders) is a race to the bottom”…….


The entire Schengen Treaty could have been a success, if not for the socialists and pseudo-conservatives running the show.

Free movement is a ‘RACE TO THE BOTTOM’, warns Dutch deputy PM

THE FREE movement of people within the European Union is a “race to the bottom”, the Netherland’s deputy prime minister has warned.

Eu migration


He said something must be done to avoid the negative effect open borders have on the 28-country bloc – especially when it comes to wages.

Lodewijk Asscher said increased immigration was creating competition for low-paying jobs, which was in turn driving down salaries.

He said this meant Dutch workers were losing jobs to under-paid migrants, while small companies were also suffering.

He said: “In essence, we have seen that free movement has become synonymous with a race to the bottom, with undercutting of wages, with unfair competition in the labor market and that has to do with the rules Europe has produced itself.


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