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UK: Violent Muslim migrant gang accused of regular ‘sharia patrols’…….


And we’re supposed to believe that they will assimilate and not create parralel societies when all the evidence points to the contrary.

Sick Muslim migrant gang that broke girl’s jaw accused of REGULAR ‘Sharia patrol’ attacks

THE ringleader of the migrant gang – who are accused of breaking the jaw of a helpless 15-year-old girl – is thought to have been behind a string of similar assaults


The girl, named only as Leonie, heads up the gang of six migrants who are purported to have carried out several Sharia-inspired attacks across the European capital of Vienna.

Leonie, 15, was among the six Muslim youths from Chechnya who allegedly beat up a teenage girl, named as Patricia, in the centre of the Austrian capital city.

Patricia, a Polish schoolgirl, was falsely accused of pulling off a Muslim woman’s headscarf.

The attack, which left her with a broken jaw in two places, shocked Austria when footage of the beating went viral.

However, now prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to prove this attack was in fact one of many carried out by the migrant gang.

Prosecutors, who are still waiting for the trial to begin, expect Leonie to face a string of further allegations.

She is accused of beating up another girl the day after the attack on Patricia, where Leonie is said to have kicked her in the face while two boys held her down.

The young thug is also said to have attacked a girl in a youth centre in Lower Austria as well as being involved in a club brawl.

Her gang hit Patricia 22 times in the head during the horrific attack on the young Polish schoolgirl. 

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