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Donald Trump on US declassified report: DNC’s gross negligence led to its being hacked, RNC took great care…….

The Russians meddle, everyone knows that, but their overall strategy is for US citizens to lose confidence in their institutions, which feckless US politicians have helped along.

Both the DNC and Hillary Clinton are guilty of gross negligence , and with the latter being guilty of criminal intent as well.

DNC’s ‘gross’ negligence led to its hacking, Trump tweets

Just hours after the U.S. declassified an intelligence report Friday that offered new details on an alleged influence campaign stemming from Moscow– including cyber activity– President-elect Donald Trump took aim at the Democratic National Committee for allowing its systems to be hacked.

“Gross negligence by the Democratic National Committee allowed hacking to take place.The Republican National Committee had strong defense!” the tweet read.

The intelligence report added fresh fuel to the debate over Russia’s involvement in email hacking that affected Democratic groups during the 2016 race.

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