Bat Ye'or Islamization

Bat Ye’or: UN security council res.2334: a victory of jihadism…….

A personal friend of mine gives warning yet again…..

Bat Ye’or recently reminded me that: “The terror that now is spreading throughout Europe will totally change its people and make them more aware of a reality they neglected for decades.” Well once again, Bat Ye’or, (who has been at the forefront in warning the West against the Palestinianization and Islamization of the Europeans, as well as the UN itself) gives a detailed accounting of what has transpired over the decades leading up to the recent abominable UNSC resolution attacking the Jewish state of Israel.

This UN resolution once again proves that there is Islamic control over the politics and culture of international institutions. Led astray from their primary mission, these international organizations have become tools of corruption or terrorism, reinforcing global Islamic power. But let us not forget that those who vote are Heads of State, fully conscious and responsible individuals, motivated by interests and ideologies that are often criminal, and not all of which represent the opinions of their people whom they tyrannize, including those from European “democracies”. Their latest resolutions not only confirm the victory of jihadism and illiteracy: they also express the success of the years of effort made by this post-war Europe that continues to destroy, defame and delegitimize the Hebrew State in the name of Islamic justice. The beginning of this long journey dates back to 1967, in France.

UN Security Council Res. 2334: A Victory of Jihadism

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