Sweden chief of police stopped border controls, didn’t think situation warranted it……

Police chief failed his countrymen, whose first concern should be safeguarding the civil society.

Dan Eliasson stopped border controls

National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson.
National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson. Photo: William Stokstad / TT

Rikspolischef Eliasson prevented the introduction of border controls during last year’s acute refugee crisis, despite the fact that both the border police and the National Operational Management pointed out that such was needed. It shows the National Audit Office in its investigation of border controls.

In September 2015 was “all regional border police sections […] agreed that there was a need to reintroduce border controls”, writes the National Audit Office. The same month, stated the Police Authority and national operational management team that stage was “close to a situation where the police should submit a proposal to the government regarding border control.” National Operational department’s border police then presented three options to the Chief of Police; status quo, increased internal control of aliens and reinstated border controls.

But the Chief of Police stopped the plans for border controls. The answer to the border police inquiry was that “the Commissioner did not consider the situation was such that the police authority could decide to reintroduce border controls”, writes the National Audit Office.


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  1. Oh dear God at what point are the Swedish people going to tap into their Viking genes and get some “beserker rage”
    This migration has brought nothing but misery to Sweden and its people. 1990’s Sweden was the envy of the World now its the laughing stock and an example of how to destroy your nation and culture.

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