Russia, Turkey and Islamic (Nazi) State: Truce, what truce…..?

Lets just call it what it is, a hudna, a temporary ceasefire that exists until the Islamonazi side believes its now capable to carry on the fight, and win.

Clashes, air raids tarnish Russia and Turkey’s Syria truce

By John Davison and Ellen Francis

By John Davison and Ellen Francis

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Clashes, shelling and air raids in western Syria marred a Russian- and Turkish-backed ceasefire that aims to end nearly six years of war and lead to peace talks between rebels and a government emboldened by recent battlefield success.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, a key ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, announced the ceasefire on Thursday after forging the agreement with Turkey, a longtime backer of the opposition.

The truce went into force at midnight but monitors and rebels reported almost immediate clashes, and violence appeared to escalate later on Friday as warplanes bombed areas in the country’s northwest, they said.

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