Islam in Italy ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terrorism

Italian police threatened with jihad for New Years Eve by Islamonazis…….

And without the hordes of Muslim settlers plowing through their country, these officers wouldn’t be facing such a threat….

‘Now it’s your turn’ Jihadis threaten POLICE OFFICERS in chilling New Year threat

TERRORISTS are specifically targeting police officers following this month’s Berlin terror attack, according to chilling warnings posted by jihadis social media.

The terrifying threats were made against the Italian police force after Anis Amri, the jihadi responsible for the atrocity, was shot by an officer near Milan.

Now, Rome’s police commissioner has warned every station in the country to be aware for threats against their officers.

Niccolo D’Angelo said: “In a well-known social network, there have been threats of retaliation against Italian police for the killing of the author of the massacre of Berlin.

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