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Bruce Bawer: “Norwegian Islam”……?

The silk suited Islam 101 stealthers are the most duplicitous of the lot…..


A smooth-talking stealth jihadist continues his rise to the top of the Norwegian cultural establishment.

Bruce Bawer

Who is Mohammed Usman Rana? He’s a 31-year-old Norwegian doctor and newspaper columnist who first appeared on my radar in 2007 when, as an undergraduate at the University of Oslo, he took part in a debate about Muslim attitudes toward gay people. Rana, who at the time was head of UiO’s Muslim Student Association, said that he personally opposed executing gays, but refused to criticize countries that punish homosexuality with death. Pressed further on the issue by his opponents, Rana pulled a slick switcheroo, charging that it was not he but they who were displaying intolerance. How dare they sit in judgment of Islamic law?

Did Rana’s failure to condemn the execution of gay people make him an outcast? Of course not – we’re talking about Scandinavia here, after all. Only a few months after the above-mentioned debate, he wrote an op-ed for Aftenposten, Norway’s newspaper of record, in which he picked up where he’d left off. Norwegians, he complained in the piece, are “secular extremists” who are insufficiently respectful of orthodox Islam, who hope for an “Islamic reformation” that would in fact mutilate the religion, and who prefer to hear from secular Muslims and ex-Muslims (think Ayaan Hirsi Ali) than from genuine believers such as himself.

Rana’s essay won an award from Aftenposten – a victory that catapulted him into the top ranks of the nation’s commentariat and made him, in the words of author Ole Asbjørn Ness, “Aftenposten‘s deadly serious house Islamist.” Who, by the way, chose to give Rana the award? A fellow by the name of Knut Olav Åmås, who at the time was an editor of Aftenposten and who happens to be openly gay.  Yes, that’s right: a gay editor gave a major career boost to a writer who refused to criticize the death penalty for gay people. Welcome to Norway.

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  1. When you view Islam as a whole – it is a human social disaster. Muslims on six continents are involved in bloodshed. Wherever a Muslim majority population comes in contact with a non-Muslim population – there is violence. Muslims are killing other Muslims in Muslim countries. Muslims are killing non-Muslims in non-Muslim countries. Aside from oil (pumped from the ground with non-Muslim help) the Muslim world has no significant exports. Intellectually – Islam is a wasteland. Significant portions of the population are illiterate. Women are treated like second class citizens. Islamic society is on the bottom of nearly every human development index. By almost every measuring stick you can use, the Muslim world trails the non-Muslim world. Even the UN Arab Human Development Report 2009, written by a group of “Arab thinkers” starts out by asking the question “why have obstacles to human development in the region proved so stubborn?”

    Unfortunately, the answer to that question is quite simple – Islam itself. The social blueprint that configures, organizes and shapes Islam has a built-in flaw, which makes Islam dysfunctional. And all of Islam’s irregularities can be traced to this flaw. (If Islam was a consumer product – it would have been recalled long ago.)

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