Islam in the UK Rape

UK: Woman abducted at 15 y/o and held as sex slave by Muslim cabbie for 13 years tells horror story…….

Stop using the word “Asian”, since it’s meaning has been stripped of any informational value…..!

‘I was raped nightly for 13 years’: British sex slave says she was held captive by Asian cabbie rapist who sold her four children

  • ‘Anna Ruston’ penned tragic story of 13 years of abuse from taxi driver ‘Malik’
  • He abducted her at 15 because he knew no-one would miss the homeless teen
  • ‘Raped her, prostituted her to other men and she had four babies that he sold’
  • Authorities were afraid to help her for fear of being seen as discriminatory 

A British sex slave has told the horrific story of how she was abducted at 15 by an Asian taxi driver as a vulnerable teen and endured 13 years of horrendous abuse.

Anna Ruston claims that her captor raped her repeatedly, prostituted her out to other men, and ‘sold’ the four babies she had during the terrible ordeal.

She was forced to go to the toilet in a can in the corner of the room, and is still haunted by the smell of it and the odour of garlic on her captor.

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