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The Kremlin is sewing seeds of confusion not only during US elections, but also throughout Europe.

Lets not be fools here, there’s much to be negative about the EU and its institutions as a whole. It’s just that the Russians are coming down on all sides of the arguments in attempt to cause confusion, and for the most part, they’ve been incredibly successful. As one source tells me,

“Putin’s info ops, like the MB, like any competent actor doing info ops, try to infiltrate and subvert ALL sides in the argument.[…] It’s about creating a chaotic disruptive argument and civil war. I wish they supported one side or another but that is not the modus operandi and it wouldn’t achieve their goal. They don’t want a strong “multi-cultural” EU and they don’t want a strong Europe made up of conservative nation states. They want chaos because in chaos there is money to be made.”

NOTE: The Finns will take the path of least resistance, coupled with lots of doublespeak.

Disunited States of Europe: EU split down the middle over how to deal with Vladimir Putin

EUROPE’S growing divisions can be laid bare for all to see once more tonight as bickering EU nations continue to fall our over how to deal with Vladimir Putin.


A map showing how MEPs voted on measures against RussiaVote Watch Europe/Getty/AFP

Europe is starkly divided over how to deal with Russia

The continent is starkly split down the middle over the thorny question of relations with Russia, with the east seeking a tough approach and the west pressing for warmer ties.

This shocking map, produced by independent experts, shines the harshest of lights on one of the most heated internal disputes which is threatening to boil over into a diplomatic crisis for Brussels.

It shows how MEPs from each member state voted on a controversial proposal this week to target Russian news outlets, which some eurocrats believe are spreading Kremlin propaganda across the EU.

The measure, which will expand the operations of a so-called anti-propaganda unit in Brussels, was passed after politicians from across eastern Europe ganged up with Germany to force it through.

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