But importing tens of thousands of Muslim settlers (thinking that they’ll boost the economy and pay for the failing welfare state) into this kind of economic stagnant environment is considered pure genius.

The cognitive dissonance of Finnish public officials is amazing…….

With regional jobless rate at 26%, foreigners still face uphill struggle finding work

Asiakas työvoimatoimistossa

Near the end of October about 16,000 were foreigners looking for work in the Uusimaa region – and the unemployment rate among immigrants remains stubbornly high – at 26.9 percent, it is more than double that of the region’s overall jobless rate.

One jobseeker says the system doesn’t appear to serve migrants and is quick to sanction people if they step out of line. However a senior employment official says public servants are only following the laws governing their work.

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  • Report: Over 400,000 living on less-than-minimum budget

More than 400,000 Finnish householders or some eight percent of the population are living on incomes that are below the minimum budget of 669 euros a month – excluding housing costs. According a new report released by the National Institute for Health and Welfare THL, single dwellers, single parents, students and the unemployed are most likely to fall into this group.

  • European Commission: Finland’s economy among worst in EU

The European Commission says it wants further clarification from Finland about the government’s 2016 budget plans. The commission says that Finland’s economy remains among the worst in the EU, and says it suspects that Finland and six other European countries are running afoul of EU budget rules.

  • Foreign nationals suspects in one-fifth of sexual offenses

Around 20 percent more sex crimes were reported to police in Finland during the first nine months of this year than during the same period of 2015. One-fifth of the suspects in reported sexual offenses were foreign nationals.

  • Investors look to profit from quicker integration of immigrants

A new project aims to gather funds from investors to pay for accelerated integration of immigrants and provide a return on capital. The idea is that quicker integration into working life will save the government money, and some of those savings will then be handed over to investors.

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