Islam Offended Malaysia


He’s singing about religious co-existence, and since co-existence isn’t an Islamic ideal, his song is therefore deemed un-islamic.

Islam is not here to co-exist, it is to supersede all else and bring everything under the sharia. Malaysia is always heralded as the example of ”moderate Islam”, but it’s nothing more than a mirage.

There is no ”moderate” Islam, there’s just Islam, and the more a culture enters (or re-enters) the orbit of Islam 101, the more violent, intolerant and detrimental to humanity it becomes. Malaysia, like Indonesia is in another phase of its islamization.

Here is his arrest:

Moderate Malaysia arrests singer for “insulting Islam”


Malaysia, in its increasing degree of conformity to sharia law, has arrested the singer called “Namawee” today for making a music video said to be “insulting to Islam”. You be the judge. Video below.

From the BBC:

Police have arrested a popular but controversial Malaysian singer, after complaints that his most recent music video “insulted Islam”.

Namewee, whose real name is Wee Meng Chee, was detained on Sunday.

The video of his song Oh My God, which was first released in July, features him and others rapping in front of places of worship around Malaysia.

Namewee, who is known for profanity-laced music, says that Oh My God was intended to promote religious harmony.

Singing in Mandarin Chinese, he rose to fame about five years ago and is also popular in Taiwan and China. In one of his videos he questions Malaysia’s national energy provider over a blackout and another one features a parody of the national anthem, which almost landed him in jail.

More here.

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    1. Yes, Vlad thinks that it might be done with the motive to be arrested…..gut feeling….he had to know that it would have gotten him into trouble.

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