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A Tundra Tabloids colleague and pal sent me the following concerning what his visiting Israeli friends saw at the Helskinki Gay Pride march yesterday, on Saturday.

I have two friends from Israel visiting us. Both are true socialists, atheists and feminists. Today they saw the Pride march in Helsinki and sent me these pictures. They were surprised of the mental condition of European socialists.

I would add that they shouldn’t be surprised at all, in fact, it was inevitable. The irrational anti-Enlightenment ”progressive” ideology of Leftism is purely emotional, not intellectual, anti-liberty and anti-inalienable rights.

They are easily herded into any which direction, even if it’s entirely self defeating, like supporting Islamonazis who would murder them, and trashing the only state in the ME region where homosexuals (Jew and Arab) live their lives openly and freely.

pinko bastards1 pinko bastards2 pinko bastards3

“Darwinian award” nominees……

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  1. Is there a special prize for ignorance (as well as general stupidity) for the geezer holding up the sign reading “Smash the cistern” ?

    Or maybe smashing sanitary-ware is a logical extension of “gutter politics” ?

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