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Just how low (and very self defeating) can the politicized British police go?


Every cop/law enforcement official of integrity, should hand in their resignation papers over this.

Robinson shouted: “I’ll say what I want… you’re in England, if someone wants to say something about your religion… your religion says stuff about me as a non-Muslim”.

Whatever anyone might think of his character and style, Robinson is correct about that. He openly declared that he is living in Britain under a free, democratic constitution; not under Sharia law, which forbids free speech and which sanctions the worst forms of human rights abuses under its penal code.

Unfortunately, there are those far leftists in the West who apparently are living under a kind of self-imposed Sharia: they will not dare criticize Islam even when criticism is warranted. Robinson is rightfully resisting the dhimmitude that leftists have embraced for themselves and seek to impose on others.

The Left: “Proleptic Dhimmitude, the doctrine of preemptive surrender.”

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UK: Tommy Robinson charged with inciting hatred for parading a “F*** ISIS” flag

British police have reportedly charged Tommy Robinson for “inciting racial hatred against Muslims” after he was pictured with a flag with “F*** ISIS” written on it.

We’re constantly told that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. So how is opposing ISIS inciting hatred against Muslims?

Tommy Robinson is no stranger to the media. He has earned widespread coverage as co-founder of the English Defense League in 2009 – which the British government and media attacked as a racist, far right organization. A spokeswoman for the EDL whose husband was a soldier in Afghanistan once said: “The soldiers are fighting Islamic extremism in Afghanistan and Iraq and the EDL are fighting it here.” Robinson stepped down as the EDL’s leader in 2013, briefly embraced the moderate Muslim Quilliam Foundation, and is now heading up the UK’s branch of Pegida.

More here.

NOTE: The spectre of a heavily islamo-influenced UK is still with us, even after the BREXIT vote.

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