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I hope he makes them pay big time.

Especially France 2, which was the prime outlet promoting the Al-Durah blood libel against Israel.

Paris terror hostage sues French media channelsParis terror hostage sues French media channelsFrance 2

Lilian Lepère was stuck for over 8 hours in a cupboard during the hostage drama. Photo:
Published: 18 Aug 2015 16:41 GMT+02:00

One of the surviving hostages of the January terror attacks in Paris is suing several French media outlets for broadcasting information about his whereabouts during the siege, which he claims put his life in direct danger.

Lilian Lepère was one of the lucky survivors from the Paris terror attacks that left 17 dead in January. He hid in a canteen closet for over eight hours while the Kouachi brothers – who had just shot 12 people dead at the offices of Charlie Hebdo – took over the printing business where he was employed.

During the hostage drama, Lepère texted vital information to the police, giving them information about the building and the actions of the two Kouachi brothers.

But now that the dust has long settled, Lepère is taking legal action against French radio station RMC and the television channels France 2 and TF1, Le Parisien revealed on Tuesday.

Why? Because they broadcast the fact that an employee was thought to be inside the building while the hostage situation was ongoing. This put Lepère’s life directly in danger, his lawyer claims, considering the two terrorists had mobile phones and radios and were able to listen in to the media reports about themselves.

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