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French Scientologists booted from surf event

French Scientologists booted from surf event

Italian surfer Leonardo Fioravanti performs at the 2014 Lacanau pro surfing competition. Photo: Jean-Pierre Muller/AFP

Published: 18 Aug 2015 14:54 GMT+02:00

Members of an anti-drug association have been turned away from a surfing competition in Gironde, south-west France, after allegedly trying to convert people to the Church of Scientology.

With the amount of young people attending the Lacanau Pro surfing competition, the event’s organizers thought that it would be the perfect place to spread information about the dangers of drugs.

Accordingly, the anti-drug association “Non à la drogue, oui à la vie” (No to drugs, yes to life) was granted permission to set up a stall at the event, where members would hand out notices to people about narcotics and get them to sign petitions.

However, two days into the competition, which runs from August 13th to 23rd, the organizers noticed that the stall was not all that it seemed.

After being alerted to some of the conversations taking place at the stall, the organizers reportedly realized that the association was in fact financed by the Church of Scientology.

“They were converting. We were fooled, misled,” a spokesperson for the surfing competition was quoted as saying by Le Parisien.

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