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Excellent speech BTW, also, The Finns party has completely weathered the storm created by the faux media, opposition parties and the hard Left, over the Immonen Affair, in which a lone Finns MP criticized destructive multiculturalism and was branded a ”racist” for his efforts.

Halla-aho: Democracy without options is not democracy (video)


Halla-aho said that The Finns party has been in recent times in a large whirlwind. Especially one member of the party has been much criticized, he said, referring to Olli Immonen. Halla-aho said that there are two kinds of people: democratic and undemocratic. The Finns party is a Democratic Party and subject to the same outcry as Immonen, who as a parliamentarian, was undertaking the promotion of the party’s affairs.

– The non-democratic forces represented in the demonstrations were men swinging knives and anti-fascist stone throwers.

Time-limits on opinion is not democratic

He also raised, for example, the editorial journalists and columnists who try to tell MPs what opinions they can have.

– We are a democratic party – we don’t tell the Greens, what opinions they ought to have, Halla-aho got rumbles of loud applause.

The Party remains an option

He pointed out that The Finns have their voice because they are an option. And they have a voice as long as you have an option.

– Political pressure towards countries like Finland is hard, but it is precisely difficult times that require leadership and political will. It is what our constituents require. We received votes, because we have an option. We were voted for only as long as we have an option.




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