Schumer And The Secrets Of Iran
Michael Ledeen

I’m fascinated by the Schumer thing, because I know something about his past involvement with Iran policy that may well have played a role in his decision to oppose The Deal. Senator Schumer had a direct, personal involvement in a brief secret correspondence between the Obama Administration and the leaders of the massive insurrection against the Iranian regime in 2009, following the fraud concerning the outcome of the June elections in Iran. Former Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi got the most votes, while then-current President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was proclaimed the winner. The streets of all major cities filled with protestors, bigger than the monster crowds that had massed against the shah in 1979.

So Schumer had a ”secret back channel” to Mousavi, during the ”soylent green revolution”, Bill Clinton also had a ”secret back channel” with Arafat at the closed Camp David meeting (between Israel and the paleostinians) as well, and we all know how that turned out.

So to the same with ”Mousavi”, being no better than his mentor ”Montazeri” (who refused to shake a Jew’s hand).Trying to split hairs with islamonazis is a vain enterprise that needs to be rejected. Mousavi offers the West NO form of moderation, he is just as anti-Jew (najis) and anti-US, and seeks the shiite nuke bomb as much as the rest of them.

Those who understand the ‘Palestinian’ political dynamic vis-a-vis the Jewish state should judge the merits of Mousavi under the same rubric.

University of Connecticut Professor Kazem Kazerounian at American Thinker shows us his record as Iran’s PM:

The Bassij force (the motor cyclist hooligans on the streets these days) and the revolutionary guards were formalized and empowered to suppress the people.   Peaceful demonstrations were crushed.  Mock courts held trials lasting a few minutes followed by executions. 

Thousands of young teenagers were arrested, tortured and executed for political charges as trivial as possessing a pamphlet.  Under Mousavi’s watch a total of 90,000 were executed. Young girls were systematically raped before execution (per a religious decree so their souls would not reach heaven).  Numerous faculty and students (under the banner of the Cultural Revolution) were purged from the universities. Repression of religious minorities intensified.  Independent newspapers were shut down.  Political activists not affiliated with the ruling ayatollahs were arrested in masses.  His government even initiated assassination of the opposition figures abroad. Under his watch a destructive and unnecessary war with Iraq was continued. In the fronts underage children were used as “mine sweepers.”  Under his government, the regime’s aspirations for regional hegemony and export of terrorism were formalized and action plans masterminded. The founder of Lebanon’s Hezbollah Ali Akbar Mohtashami was his interior minister.  Mousavi’s government was directly responsible for the 1983 truck-bombing attacks on the U.S. embassy in Lebanon. His government initiated the Iranian regime’s [pursuit of] the nuclear bomb. The crown of his government’s accomplishments was [the] mass execution of about 30,000 defenseless political prisoners within a few weeks with bodies buried in mass graves.  TIME magazine in 1982 described Mousavi as the “most radical in the top leadership” in Iran.

Though the professor states at the end: ”despite his atrocious background, for standing against dictatorship, he should be commended” there is absolutely no evidence given about the proof of Mousavi’s ”sudden change of heart”, but we do have on record what he’s said in the past, and it isn’t good, not by a long shot.

NOTE: For more info on this, see Dr.Andrew Bostom’s:

Message to Michael* Ledeen on Mousavi, Montazeri, and the Soylent Green Movement

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