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Calais migrants: British anarchists infiltrate camps to provoke trouble, police warn

French police convinced direct action taken by migrants trying to storm Channel Tunnel is coordinated by anarchists or far-Left activists

Migrants run towards the Eurotunnel

Migrants run towards the Eurotunnel Photo: Reuters

British far-left activists are “manipulating migrants” to stage mass intrusions into the Channel Tunnel and provoke violent clashes with security forces they depict as “savages”, French police have claimed.

The accusations came two days after a French officer was treated for face wounds after being struck by a rock apparently thrown by a Sudanese migrant in the first such incident inside the Eurotunnel site to date.

Migrants made around 1,700 attempts on Sunday night to penetrate the Eurotunnel premises in a bid to get to England.

The previous night, an “organised” group of around 200 migrants tried to “walk” to the UK via the Channel Tunnel, tearing down outer fences and charging past police with tear gas, chanting: “Open the borders!’”.

When they were rebuffed, they staged a sit-in that lasted into the early hours of before finally being dispersed.

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