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There could only the Obama as we know him, he spent most of his formative and college years with the worst of the worst anti-Israel propagandists that there are.

… the Obama administration does promote the delegitimization of Israel and does cause anti-Israelism… due to its whitewashing of many of the major crimes emerging from large parts of the Islamic world. – Manfred Gerstenfeld “Obama’s negligence,” The Jerusalem Post, February 9

Into The Fray: The masquerade behind Obama’s Jewish outreach

US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. . (photo credit:REUTERS)

Here’s where… you’ve failed us thus far, Mr. President. You got the settlement freeze six years ago, you got the prisoner releases in 2013, but what did you wrest from Abbas? Did he stop the incitement against Israel? Did he moderate his positions on the “right of return”? You fault Netanyahu for his bleak worldview, but did you castigate Abbas for entering a governing partnership which gives Hamas veto power over his ministers…No. You said you’d keep right on dealing with him. – David Horovitz, “No, Mr. President, you don’t fully understand our fears,” The Times of Israel, June 3

Obama pined for the days when a minority Ashkenazic secular elite dominated Israel in every sphere, including through state control of the economy… and importantly, when Israel was by no reasonable measure more liberal a society than it is today, unless one… thinks that state socialism is the essence of liberalism… – David Bernstein, “Obama is nostalgic for ‘white’ Israel,” The Washington Post, May 22


The raucous ruckus that erupted at The Jerusalem Post’s 2015 Conference in New York on Sunday, when US Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew tried to persuade the skeptical audience of the merits of the emerging nuclear deal with Iran, and of the unmatched security benefits that the Obama administration has provided Israel, served to somewhat obfuscate the fact that there was harsh condemnation of White House policies from numerous other sources.

Significantly, many of them were neither traditionally Bibi-philic nor Obama-phobic.

But first, a short but necessary digression.

A digression

The discourteous, some might say disrespectful behavior toward Lew understandably drew sharp criticism and caused considerable discomfort with many in official Israeli circles, who snapped into damage-control mode. But while one might disagree with the style of the less-than-genteel censure of Obama’s approach to both Israel and Iran, it would be a grave error to dismiss its substantive content or attempt to stifle its expression.

But this is precisely what some would have. Thus, J.J.

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