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Yet another reason why I totally distrust Marine Le Pen.

She’s cozy with the Iranian mullahs as well, so why should I be crowing about how great she is on Islam in general when she’s playing both sides of the Islamic aisle? Oh, and big deal, she didn’t wear a veil. Hoopty doo.

Le Pen, who did not wear a veil during the meeting, “recognised the need to not confuse Islam with the violent acts committed” in its name, Al-Azhar said.

French far-right leader in Egypt for surprise talks with Al-Azhar

Egyptian grand Imam of al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb (R) meets with the leader of the French far-right Front National party Marine Le Pen (L), in al-Azhar headquarters in Cairo on May 28, 2015. (AFP)

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen held talks in Egypt with Al-Azhar that broached the top Sunni Muslim body’s “serious concerns” over her party’s stance on Islam, it said.

National Front president Le Pen met late Thursday with Ahmed al-Tayeb, grand imam of Al-Azhar, at its Cairo headquarters during which he questioned her organisation’s “hostile opinions towards Islam and Muslims”, an Al-Azhar statement said.

Tayeb added that the National Front’s “opinions must be reviewed and corrected”.

The National Front, which had a strong showing in local elections in March, has campaigned on politically explosive issues of immigration and the integration of Islam into French society after the Paris Islamist attacks.

Le Pen, who did not wear a veil during the meeting, “recognised the need to not confuse Islam with the violent acts committed” in its name, Al-Azhar said.

The National Front leader tweeted: “Meeting in Cairo with the highest Sunni authority: strong agreement on the fight against extremism.”

Thursday’s talks were conducted at Le Pen’s request, Al-Azhar said, “to discuss matters related to erroneous ideas and concepts about Islam and extremist ideologies and racism that some Muslims in Europe are suffering from.”

More here. H/T: Steve Coughlin

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  1. I know many muslims, and all of them are great, warm, good-hearted people.
    Only a tiny minority is radical, as you well know.

    I also know many jews. Good people; kind and rational;
    Not all the jews support the illegal actions of the apartheid-state Israel.

    1. Juhis, no change in the world (for good or bad) was ever done by the majority, it was always the minority, with the rest tagging along to see what would come next. As for Israel, you’re way off base, the international community resembles the power structure that existed in the United States segregated south, who had their own laws passed ‘unanimously” against the Black South. Israel is receiving the very same from the highly irrational, and overtly anti-Jewish block in the UN, mainly the Arab League/Islamic Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, and assorted Leftist states that have a hate on with the Jewish state.

      1. Right.

        So chasing people out of their lands, destroying their homes ( and lives ), is totally ok and justfied? UN just doesn’t understand that, but has been totally brainwashed by the Arabic states instead?

        Gimme a break, you can’t be serious!

        Why are you defending the actions of Israel? Be honest!

        1. Most Arabs left due to Arab leaders promising a destroyed Yeshuv after they ”got done with them”, the Arabs destroyed Arab lives by choosing to try and annihilate the nascent Jewish state, so yes, in self defense the Jews were justified in destroying whatever facility or building the warring armies of the Arabs were using at the time. It’s well documented what blocks run the general assmebly and have taken over key UN organizations, ignorance, pure obfuscation equalling outright lies is never an adequate defence of a position. I defend Israel because its the last bastion of sanity in the Middle East, just take a look at its neighbors, who are either beheading each other or burning people alive.

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