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[I first met Geert Wilders in person back in February 2009 at an event hosted by Sen. John Kyl of Arizona (now retired) at the Lyndon B. Johnson Room in the U.S. Capitol. Two years later I encountered him again in Nashville, Tennessee under the auspices of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition.]

A “Press Conference” in Sodom-on-the-Potomac

This one put out by CAIR is a brief but sufficient snip that would serve as a template of Washington press conferences for the Counterjihad.

Congressional Representative Louie Gohmert had issued invitations for the press to interview Mr. Wilders on the day following the Japanese Prime minister’s speech to both chambers of the legislature. In other words, the fanfare was over; always a good chance to have a few more jornolists available to cover an event.

In the days leading up to Mr. Wilders’ visit to the Capitol the press had dutifully carried water published stories of vigorous attempts by both Democrat Muslim members of the House attempting to prevent Mr. Wilders from entering the country at all. These jornolists knew the pro-forma attacks on Wilders’ entry were simply grandstanding for the folks at home — the kind of blather which usually shows up in the local news but is omitted from national events. Yet the “bigots” (as Louie Gohmert calls the MSM press in this video) treated this non-event by the two politicians as if it were real news. As much as we’ve learned about corruption in Washington, all of us know how to decipher what’s happening there. The usual cui bono questions are in play.

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