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When you’re a Clinton, everything is a joke and everything you touch turns into disaster.

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In March, ABC News reported that Obama had signed a presidential finding to send covert aid to the Libyan rebels. In September 2011, Obama called for Qaddafi’s forces to surrender. In October 2011, Hillary visited Tripoli and pledged millions to the Libyan opposition, gushing, “I am proud to stand here on the soil of a free Libya.” Two days later, Qaddafi was sodomized with a knife and then killed; Hillary was caught on camera crowing and laughing, “We came, we saw, he died!”


On Sunday, the world watched in horror as a migrant ship from Libya carrying 950 people sank in the Mediterranean, with photographs of floating bodies making their way across the wires.

According to The New York Times:

Warmer spring weather has unleashed a torrent of smuggler boats, mostly fromLibya, bearing migrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa, often fleeing war and poverty for a foothold in Europe.

Reports state that the smugglers locked migrants in the hold.

Predictably, the Times offers little context for the migrant wave or even an explanation of who the migrants are, instead settling for an anti-European narrative about the shortcomings of their immigration system. The Associated Press blamed the situation on “resurgent right-wing political parties” that “have made a rallying cry out of a rising tide of illegal migration.”

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy suggested that the big problem was human traffickers, “the slave drivers of the 21st century.” French President Francois Hollande stated that Europe needed “more boats, more aerial surveillance and a much tougher fight against traffickers.” Pope Francis agreed, stating that Europe should act “decisively and quickly to stop these tragedies from recurring.”


The problem of migration from Libya springs from the chaos that has filled that country in the wake of the US-led Western invasion of the country – a policy championed first and foremost by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton pushed regime change in Libya, and pushed it hard. In February 2011, an uprising against then-dictator Muammar Qaddafi broke out; President Obama quickly pushed for sanctions, and the United Nations voted for a no-fly zone above the country.

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