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Tundra Tabloid commenter, MWKI, posits the following, observations and analysis, concerning the Australian government’s new policy towards illegal aliens/economic refugees”.


With regard to Australia , despite the fact that the previous Labor (left leaning socialist) government said it could not be done – the current Liberal(conservative) government has reduced illegal boat economic migration from 50,000 a year to virtually zero.

Labor’s policy was to throw their hands up in the air and try to stifle legitimate deate about who Australians wanted to let in permanently into their own country.

The Liberal goverment was elected after years of socio-economic mismanagement under Labor, the Navy was instructed to seek out boats illegally entering Australian waters and tow them back towards their source – muslim Indonesia. As a result the tide of mainly muslim ‘refugees’ has virtually stopped. No one’s lives are put at risk, no one is drowning on the perilous voyage as has happened numerous times in the past.

Existing ‘refugess’ are processed off the Australian mainland. The ‘refugees’ are told they will not be settled in Australia – but will be able to take up residency , with cash handouts given to them as well as other relocation assistance, in other safe countries. Currently this is New Guinea and Cambodia.

Testament to the fact that most of these illegal migrants are economic refugees is that hardly any of them have taken up the offer to be relocated to a third country.

Peaceful , prosperous countries get that way because of the intelligence and longsuffering and determined struggle of both ourselves and countless generations of our ancestors. People from feral societies , especially those with islam as its base – see what we have – and with their massive sense of entitlement – want it – and want it now.

Handing it over on a platter does both ourselves and them a massive disservice.

The EU should step in forcefully and adopt similar policies to Australia. EU origin navies have the capability to track a boat from the beginning of its journey anywhere in North Africa. Boats should be towed back to the point of origin. Governments such as Libya could be offered assistance – perhaps a cash advance for every boat caught leaving and every people-smuggler jailed. Boats that do make it should be seized and scrapped.

Simply allowing tens of millions of islamic infiltrators and uneducated Africans into the EU solves absolutely nothing – it makes the source countries weaker – as they lose the very people who really want change. To stop this – temporay protection visas should be instituted – where those that make it to the EU sign a document that they will voluntarilly return to their home countries after a certain time – say three years. In the meantime – they get free education in all those trades and other fields that their semi-failed societies were unable to provide them and so badly need. If they don’t sign – they are on the first flight back to their origin.

These are not hard measures to implement. Everyone wins in the long run. The alternative is even more numers of the great unwashed turning up on Europe’s doorstep, large numbers of black and arab unemployed, far less social cohesion, more islamic supremacism and terrorist attacks, more poverty and crime and the EU being a less pleasant place to live.

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